On October 4-5, 2019 in Tashkent, an International master class in otorhinolaryngology was held – ENT Masterclass® Uzbekistan – with the participation of volunteer teachers from the UK, Turkey and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

ENT Masterclass® is Europe’s largest free ENT training platform for senior interns and ENT specialists.

ENT Masterclass® was founded in 2005 in England, as a new concept providing high-quality training in otorhinolaryngology, both in the UK and internationally. ENT Masterclass is an international multimedia educational training platform ENT, providing high-quality training in otorhinolaryngology, provided by the faculty of national and international reputation.

The first course was held in January 2005 at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary, England, and was incredibly successful. In 2014, the academic bridge connecting Great Britain with Australia was launched, and since then the International Academic Program has been launched. Due to the high demand for ENT Masterclass®, the annual international ENT Masterclass® is available as WEBCAST for national and international audiences at www.entmasterclass.com. The number of visits to the ENT Masterclass ® website exceeds 50,000 per year from more than 85 countries!

In recognition of these efforts, Her Majesty the Queen conferred the title “Officer of the Order of the British Empire” on her 2017 birthday list of awards.

The annual ENT Masterclass® training platform is gaining momentum, attracting registrars and consultants from all over the world, providing them with high-quality otorhinolaryngology training of internationally recognized leaders in their field, who has held successful events in India, China, Australia, Germany, Europe and is expanding its presence in Uzbekistan . More than 150 professors and consultants from 5 continents work at voluntary faculties.

Specialists in otorhinolaryngology underwent an extensive academic program with classes on otology, rhinology, head and neck surgery, pediatric and ENT oncology. This course covered current important topics in the field of otolaryngology and consisted of four modules and three panel sections by sections: pediatric otolaryngology, otology, rhinology / facial plastic surgery, ENT oncology and head and neck surgery.

The main task of holding an international master class in otorhinolaryngology in Uzbekistan is to teach and present the most promising modern diagnostic and treatment methods in the field of otorhinolaryngology, identify trends and expand the information field of training in various areas of otorhinolaryngology at the international level, provided by a team of volunteers from leading specialists otorhinolargologists from the UK and honorary lecturers from other foreign countries.

Specialists –otorhinolaryngologists from all regions and regions of Uzbekistan, as well as young specialists: graduate students, clinical residents, underwent training and advanced training at the master class. Interesting and highly informative reports were listened, panel sessions were held, and a variety of interesting clinical cases were discussed. The staff of the Department of Otolaryngology and Dentistry, clinical residents and masters, otorhinolaryngologists from all clinics of the republic actively participated in it.

The organizers of the international workshop on otorhinolaryngology are: Tashkent Medical Academy (Department of Otolaryngology and Dentistry) and the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of the Association of Physicians of Uzbekistan.

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